How do you coach a rep who is performing poorly?
You can use the A.S.K competency model. It consists of just three words: Attitude, Skill, Knowledge, but holds a wealth of meaning. As a coach, you need to understand where the issue lies, whether it relates to: Attitude — Eagerness to learn, Skill — Ability to perform the task, or Knowledge — how to perform the task.

Based on the A.S.K triangle, Knowledge only accounts for 15% while Skills and Attitude together account for 85%. Of this 85%, Attitude is more critical than Skills. The underlying theme of the ASK model is that knowledge and skills can be acquired while attitude needs to be there internally or be developed by an aspiring coach.

So how does all this relate to us?
Innovative tools relating to Skills and Knowledge are flooding and upgrading the world of sales. But these are worthless without Attitude as the A.S.K model proves.

Solutions connected to voice recognition, training and more can enhance Skills. In terms of Knowledge, salespeople are inundated with micro learning tools, databases, structured texts and ways to reduce real-time knowledge gaps. Workflow process tools help reps reach their targets and there are excellent CRM and ERP systems that are changing the sales world.

All of these tools enhance capabilities in order to help reps reach a higher level of performance. But here’s the “but”. These are unlikely to be effective if the rep is unengaged and demotivated i.e. if the Attitude is not right. This is what we focus on at Enerjoy.

Enerjoy have developed a smart sales achievement platform that provides a winning add-on, helping boost performance among individuals in a company’s sales team. Using advanced Machine Learning and Gamification, Enerjoy delivers a personalized approach to motivate sales reps and help improve their Attitude.

Attitude is a hard nut to crack for two reasons:

  1. Motivation and Engagement is fluid — I could be motivated for a week and demotivated for a month.
  2. Each employee has a different personality and is motivated by different things. There is no uniform standard.

Enerjoy’s smart sales achievement platform generates tasks, challenges and assignments based on a personalized cognitive profile that is automatically created for each rep, using different variables. Our app actually creates the motivation to improve knowledge, skills, and processes. And this leads to improvements in overall performance, results, job satisfaction and double-digit sales percentage increases.

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