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About enerjoy

Enerjoy is an AI based web app that increases employee’s motivation by providing unique challenges, adapted to each employee’s drives and abilities.

By engaging the employees with our unique challenges, we drive them to maximize their potential.

Enerjoy's unique challenges:
Our algorithms continuously learn the preferences of each employee and autonomously define the following parameters, helping them perform better:

  • Character of challenges (personal, group)
  • Goals and objectives
  • Incentives
  • Timeframes
  • Real-time feedbacks
  • Social interactions
  • Recommendations and notifications for managers

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Why enerjoy?



A holistic eco-system, with challenges, rewards, real-time feedbacks, social interactions and more.


A smart system, expertly cutting the right fit for each employee.

Real-time Feedback

Immediate responses and a system which encourages its users to respond immediately as well.


An AI driven tool, dynamic, adaptable, and dependable – saves time for managers and effectively addresses the challenge.

Adapted to each employee

According to their drives and abilities

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Our Features


Employees performance guidance

  • Real time multiple KPI’s personal dashboard.
  • Emphasis strong and weak KPI's for employee focusing.
  • Expected achievement of objectives.

Personalized Motivation Programs

  • Adapted to each employee according to their drives and abilities.
  • Fully automated, based on Enerjoy’s recommendations.
  • Admins can edit or manually add new programs.

JOYSTORE - Online Store For Prizes And Gifts

  • All employees are rewarded with tokens for effective behaviors during the work.
  • Employees can redeem the tokens for prizes and gifts, or save and accumulate.
  • Employees can purchase products and experiences, donate to charity, and even open a savings account.

Insightful AI Driven – People Analytics Tool

  • Measuring all aspect of motivational actions (challenge, appreciation, social communication, and a sense of reward).
  • Monitoring progress of how team leaders motivate their team and empower their work experience.
  • Tips and directions for managers – what and who needs to be focused on.



Increased sales volume

Strengthened social cohesion

Valuable insights for HR

Improved employee satisfaction

Performance enhancement

Empowered management capabilities