Make the work environment of your salespeople working from the office or from home more empowering and productive.

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Management Team

team background

Viki Glam

COO & Co Founder

Track-record in scaling start-ups. Expert in Social Media, Tech and Education. Founder of Footybase, Co-Founder of Mimshak, Founder and CEO of and Mekusharim (both acquired).


Dror Cohen

CEO & Co Founder

Owner of Improve Business Consulting. Expert in enhancing business performance and developing innovative research-based concepts for leadership, management, sales & customer service.


Moshe Teter

CTO & Co Founder

Tech-savvy fullstack software architect and web expert. Previously CTO and Co-Founder of Lessoons, Team Leader at RealCommerce and Founder of Mabsut.


Ziv Shalev

Consultant For The International Market

Expert in call center performance optimization. Founder & CEO @ Ziv Shalev Consulting, Founder @ Aspire call center technologies, Former CEO @, Former CEO @ Teleall contact centers.


Shlomi Ashkenazi

Global Sales Director

Partner at Pango Polska. Co-Founder of Headvantage, EYEDO and Humanix. Formerly Nextcom CEO and VP Sales and Customer Relations at HOT.


Lirone Glikman

Consultant for Global Business Development & Marketing


Our story

Enerjoy was founded by experienced sales managers, an organizational consultant, an AI expert and a team of psychologists and behavioral economics experts who understood a simple but radical truth. When it comes to motivation, one size does not fit all. We set out to transform sales team motivation at the level of each individual.

Today, Enerjoy helps companies achieve tangibly better performance and productivity in their sales and customer service teams by increasing and sustaining staff motivation, in a personalized way.

We do this through an AI-powered personalized motivation platform based on a deep understanding of personal psychology, team dynamics and organizational behavior.

We believe in people, and we will be happy to get to know you, so feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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Investors and Partners

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Our offices

United State

729 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn NY 1123
+1 (516) 589–4458

Western Europe

Otto Brixi
+1 (516) 589–4458


Harish Sivan
Managing Partner

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