As a sales manager, it pays to be constantly thinking of new ways to motivate your sales team. Why? For a start, reps are balancing high (~90%) rejection rates together with intense demand for daily success. And, when this is unbalanced, their motivation goes down. So, what can be done to break through the motivation barrier? Adopting a one-to-one, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ motivational approach is key — and that’s where Enerjoy comes into the picture.

Enerjoy is a smart sales achievement platform featuring all the good stuff you’d expect like gamification, challenges, rewards and feedback. But the major difference is its unique, personalized approach to motivating sales reps. Based on a powerful machine learning engine, Enerjoy’s smart sales achievement platform generates tasks, challenges and assignments based on a personalized cognitive profile that is automatically created for each of your employees, using different variables.

Here’s a true story which highlights how it works and what happens when it isn’t used properly:

One of the managers at a client of ours decided he would use Enerjoy only partially, and being a competitive person himself, he created a big competition for the employees. Something strange happened. Amongst the 2 leading sales reps, the leading guy was skyrocketing while the #2 rep showed very poor performance, nothing like she had shown in the past.

When this manager told this story to Enerjoy’s consultants (who are closely and regularly involved) they realized that this woman who was # 2 did not respond well to competitions. In fact, they demotivate her and create stress. No wonder her performance was nose-diving.

Once they realized their error and changed the challenges to types that would suit her personality — she got back on the horse again and her performance recovered!

What can we learn from this?

  • Personalization is important for sales motivation — Not all sales reps were born with the same triggers, so approaching them in an individualized way makes all the difference
  • Even your top salespeople won’t perform well if the “motivational environment” isn’t right
  • Your middle tier can do better if presented with the right motivational system

When bringing AI and personalization to the daily routine, the results can be great. Interestingly, Enerjoy seems to be one of the only companies in the market that has discovered this.

Personalization hasn’t hit the world of sales teams yet, so Enerjoy’s solution remains one of a kind. (Because, aren’t we all?)

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