Working in sales can be very demotivating. Even though managers try hard to get reps to bring their best selves to work every day, many agents are disengaged and this leads to poor service and frustrated customers.

Companies are trying to tackle the motivation problem. Yet current solutions lack staying power and lose their effectiveness over time.

Enerjoy, a smart sales achievement platform set up 3 years ago by an organizational consultant and HR expert, has found a unique way to tackle the issue. Through their research, they understood a simple but very critical truth. When it comes to motivation, one size does not fit all. What motivates us to want to do our best is both complex and individual. That’s why Enerjoy set out to transform sales team motivation at the level of each individual.

Finding the “keys” that challenge individuals on your team is KEY to keeping them motivated

Enerjoy has built an incentivisation system around these 5 “keys”. It works like this: The Enerjoy AI engine tracks and analyzes employee performance indicators along with usage to learn about their motivational tendencies. It then generates insights for the creation of an automatic and personal motivation plan. The software then creates tailored interactions with the employee and updates the manager on their interface. The interactions are tailored to each employee and take into account 5 components that are critical to increasing motivation.

The 5 keys to motivation

1. Clarity — Transparency of performance and goals. Reps need to know where they stand in terms of the challenges, where they are heading, and at what pace.

2. Experience — The challenge experience. Each challenge and target is behaviorally matched to the person’s character and designed to touch everyone — a new rep, an average rep, or a high achiever.

3. Reward — Everyone experiences rewards at different points throughout the day. This creates a feel-good effect as the money can be accumulated to buy prizes which relate to their contribution to the team.

4. Social aspect — The system incorporates group challenges which connect reps with the people they work best with. The drive to bond accounts for boosts in motivation as employees feel proud of belonging to the organization.

5. Feedback — The system looks for opportunities to give employees recognition and a sense of appreciation and this is done automatically. It finds opportunities to celebrate success and ensures managers know when their reps have reached their results.

The importance of all 5 key motivation drivers

Each of the five keys to motivation are inter-dependent. They can’t be ordered hierarchically or substituted for one another. It is not enough to help people bond as a tight-knit team when they are unappreciated or don’t have a sense of clarity regarding where they are heading.

To fully motivate employees, both the organization as a whole and individual managers must address all five key drivers. This way, you will get the best out of your sales reps by fulfilling their greatest needs.

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